Two Color Painting – A Simple Technique for crisp Edges

Having multiple colors in a single project is fun, but what if you need crisp edges when you do two color painting on somthing you carved or routed out? This works for anything from a simple letter up to complex logos, and does not even require much work. Check out this small logo I made, and find out how easy it really is.

If you want more information or a view from a different angle, check out the Instructable I wrote for it. There you can also find out about how you can use this for three or more different colors.

If you are interested in actual projects you can find them here, and I am sure there is some inspiration in it for you. If you are looking for something a little less normal, I can help with that, too. And if you enjoy what you see here please subscribe to my newsletter so you never miss a new release!

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