The “Starbond”! Evolution of a Project

I tried to reach for the stars. I even tried to enter into a “Starbond”. This is what happenes on the way. It was an interesting experience, and the final result is not really what I had envisioned, but that is how it worked out and I kinda like it better than what I had set out to make.

They also provided me with an affiliate link for Starbond CA glue. If you use to to buy CA glue you get 10% off, and they pass a little bit on to my channel to support what I do. I really appreciate it if you check out their product which Cultist 2 calls the best Ca experience he ever had (Take that with a grain of amorphous eternal, though).

If you want to check out more of my projects you can find them here. There is also weird stuff, which recently has contained more and more Cult.

Thanks for watching, and as always, remember to Be Inspired!

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