The Fiery Eye – Lord of the Rings Tealight Holder

This fiery eye started out as an attempt to make something artsy from a number of wedges. It turned into yet another tealight holder, this one a bit on the large side and with a strong Lord of the Rings theme, Enjoy, and remember to Be Inspired!


With the most important part of the design being the wedges, there are of course other ways to cut them. The table saw comes to mind, with a similar holder – a piece with a wedge cut out of it – fastened to a sled, preferrably. Other saws might do the trick, too, like a jigsaw, but they are bound to give you uneven edges and either require more sanding to get them flat or will make the resulting piece look more ragged and uneven – but as with anything artsy, that might be exactly what you are going for.

I keep wondering whether there is a point to this idea, to listing other tools that can get the job done. I would love to get some feedback – is this section valuable to you? I would appreciate it if you would let me know in the comments!


Thanks for watching and reading, and remember to be Inspired!

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