String Clamp, vintage and fretless

This string clamp was based on something I saw online. They made it better than I did, and played it better than I ever could. But I enjoyed fooling around with it, and using up two pieces from the pile of “things I can still use some day”. While I cannot promise anything remotely tonal or pleasing, I hope you still get to enjoy this project.

Also, the Auditor gets a cameo in this video, which shakes the Cult up a little bit. If you want to see the Auditor’s first appeareance, check out this video about the Redsmith’s awesome Game Master Screen. As an ongoing storyline, they will probably show up more in the future.

One thing that only occurred to me after finishing the string clamp was that I could have used the handle of the clamp itself to tune the string. I am not sure how well the string would have held up being routed through an eyelet, but it would have been cool to try. Also, it would have given me two sting segments to riff on, even though the two notes probably would not have meshed very well.

Thanks for checking out the string clamp. If you enjoyed this video you should check out my other projects. And if you want to see all the things I make (even beyond the workshop) and chat with me, join my Discord server!

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