Spectral Dagger – Lights up!

The spectral dagger is the best defense at spectral apples. With the current epidemic of people getting hit in the head by errant spectral apples, everyone should have a spectral dagger on hand. Or is that just me?

It was years ago when I had some things laser cut. Among them was the result of an evening spent in Inkscape to create what I thought would be a cool project – a dagger that would light up. I wanted to use two LEDs, two batteries and a switch for a minimalist design.

Spectral Dagger Design Flaws

Back then it was a lack of time that kept me from putting this together. Or should I say kept me from noticing the flaws in the design, that made severe modifications necessary. But I eventually got it to work and I am happy with the result.

It is my intention to publish the pattern for this – eventually. For now, I need to put some more thought into how to make it work. A version without LEDs would probably be easy but also boring. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on this – and on all my new projects!

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love if you shared this and told me what you thought. If you enjoyed this project check out the other ones I have made. And if the weird tickles your fancy, I got more of that as well.

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