Skeletal Hands – Halloween Decoration

Nothing screams Halloween more than skeletal hands. Okay, skulls might, but skeletal hands are the next best thing when it comes to decorate for the season. Whether as undead breaking through through the flower bed or as decorative elements in a vase, these are easy to make and adapt to your needs.

If you are not into chicken, cannot obtain any bones by legal means, or do not want former pieces of animals decorating your garden, there are plastic bones available especially around Halloween. But consider that some materials do not take kindly to the heat from a hot glue gun. If you have to resort to a plastic alternative it might be worth lookin into getting a plastic skeletal hand to begin with.

If you enjoyed this project check out the other ones I have made. Not all use bones, and not all yield decoration, but there is entertainment and inspiration to be found in each and every one of them! Granted, some might be a little weird.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to Be Inspired!

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