Poor Man’s Siege Mode Tardis (Doctor Who)

In one of the episodes in season 8 the Doctor activated the “siege mode” for his Tardis in order to make it impenetrable. Combining the basic design with a mechanism seen in one of Steve French’s videos, I am making a little treasure chest reminiscent of a time lord’s vessel – the poor man’s siege mode tardis. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Doctor Who?

Just in case you are not familiar with the seminal time traveller from Gallifrey, you can read up on him here. Unlikely as it may seem, since the show has been gaining popularity for the last few years, but if you do not know what Daleks are in the intro, then I highly recommend that you check it out.


As always, there are several different methods to making this. You can substitute virtuelly any sheet good for the plywood I used, and even make this from plain boards. The added strength that plywood gives you is kind of wasted with this project anyway, unless you actually expect someone to start kicking your box.

As for tools, while I think the table saw is the easiest choice for getting all the chamfers to fit, you could get there with a compound mitre saw, a jigsaw or even a scrollsaw as well. You could even do the chamfers on the router table. Using a drill press for the holes is recommended to get them properly aligned, but if you use a guide (like a 90° corner cut into a block of wood) for your drill bit, you can get away with using a handheld drill.

Apart from using hard drive disks, there are many other solutions to making this look good – it does not even have to be a Tardis for you. If you want one, wood burning or ink transfer would be two ways to go to make it look much closer to the original than this one.

You could also turn this into a money bank by cutting a coin slot in one side, preferrably not the lid, and paint it however you want. And I actually think that using OSB would look great on its own.


Thanks for watching/reading, and remember to be Inspired!

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