Selenite Tea Light Holder – Banish Ancient Evils in Style

Selenite is an interesting material to work with. Tea Light holders are interesting things to make. And ancient evils are better left bound and banished in whatever infernal dimension they dwell. Combining all those three good things into something arguably okay, I give you the Selenite Tea Light Holder!

Watch the Selenite Tea Light Holder now!

My Original Plan

Initially, I wanted to use an interesting property of Selenite in this tea light holder. Selenite consists of a number of long strands or fibers that act similar to fiber optics – it directs light along its axis. If you place a slice of selenite on an image you can see that image on the top of the piece.

My intention was to make a tea light holder out of maple with vertical walls (on which a tea can might have been places). Those walls would the receive windows which would have consisted of two pieces of selenite.

Both would have been cut at a 45° angle, which is how far this idea got in the actual project. The two pieces would then be arranged so that the angle of one’s fibers would point up and the other down. The idea was to get an interesting light pattern when a candle flame shone through that two-part window.

What went wrong?

After I had cut the Selenite slices I tried to sand one side each flat in order to put them together. But no matter how I tried it, I could not get the two sides to sit flat against each other, so I pulled all the stops. I placed the sandpaper on a piece of glass for flatness. Then I held two pieces together in order to get two matching surfaces in one go.

But I always ended up with bowed surfaces. They did not make contact in more than one spot at any time. So I gave up that idea. Instead, I sanded the pieces for single use the way you saw in the video.

What do you think? Would you think a more classical tea light holder the way I originally envisioned it would be something worth revisiting? Let me know!

Thanks for watching the Selenite Tea Light Holder!

Thanks for checking out my newest tea light holder. If you want to see more of my efforts to involuntarily banish ancient evils check out my other tea light holder projects. If you prefer things that are inspired other things, there is a category for that as well.

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