Rolling Stamp from an old Garden Clog or Shoe

Give your old garden shoes new life and pretty up letters, invitations, and drawings with this rolling stamp. In this video, I make one that leaves behind tiny footprints, akin to a gnome toppling over your inkpot and running over that important paper you were writing. Enjoy, please share the video, and remember to be Inspired!

Rolling Stamp Variations

As I mentioned, there are countless possibilities for this project. For starters, you can replace the human-ish feet with paws, or be inspired by other animals, real or imagined. You can also go the ornamental route, with flowers or geometric shapes.

There is one thing that I also mentioned in the Instructable for this project – make a continuous stamp. For that, take a long piece of foam (or more) and glue it to the roller in one (bit by bit using hot glue). This way, you should end up with the roller covered with form all around.

Then take a soldering iron and start your pattern. Just make sure you have good ventilation. I would recommend starting with a baseline that runs all the way around, then add details and make sure you remember that everything you do not melt away will show up on paper.

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