Relatively Regular Update 13.01.2020

Greetings Inspired Ones!
I hope you made it okay and above into this new arbitrary piece of time that we call the new year. It is a weird time to be alive, but also one to be happy to be alive – which, in all honesty, goes for all the times. Here is what I managed since the last update:


  • I released the files for 3D-printable plates and bowls for my kids’ toy kitchen.
  • I also wrote an Instructable for the 3d-printed eyeballs, including some in-depth iris variations and finishing tips. I really should write more Instructables, they are fun, and allow me to include things that would turn any video into a rambling mess.

Working on

  • It’s one of that times where I’m working on a couple of videos at once, which I hope will work our since the videos are not too involved. Actually, they do not contain actual Cultists on screen, which always makes the editing less tricky. But don’t tell them that.
  • Especially, there is one that is almost finished (project done, editing underway) that is based on a bad pun. You can imagine that I am especially proud of that one.

That is all for this timeframe. As always, feedback is appreciated! But more importantly, stay safe, be kind, and 
Be Inspired!

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