Monsters in the Night & a Mask – Rauhnacht Series

As if demons and witches from the sky and intimate knowledge about an uncertain future were not bad enough, there is even more to the Rauhnächte than that. Even though you better hope that monsters like the Perchten do not catch up with you!

Traditionally, people would dress up as monsters and wear insticately carved masks to scare off the actual evil things roaming the night. Of course, this was more of a get-together and a happening, but the idea is being kept alive on Christmas Fairs and even a few Rauhnacht Fairs during that particular season.

Traditionally, they are carved from wood, especially arolla or Swiss pine. That wood has properties that make it well-suited for masks. It is also used for bread boxes, where it prevents mold from forming – which is also a good property good for any masks.

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