“Forge” a Plastic Knife

When I recently tested a blacksmithing technique on a piece of plastic cutting board. I had the idea to tick something else off my list. Something that had been on there for ages. I wanted to make a knife. And what better way to do that than fake blacksmithing? Well, yes, there are better methods, but I challenge you to tell me that they would be more fun!

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How to actually improve the Plastic Knife

Of course, this is not the best way to make a knife. That is what metal is for, and actual blacksmithing. But just like there are wooden knives our there that serve a purpose, you can turn cutting boards into something useful. And it is not that hard.

For starters, do not hit your plastic with a hammer. It might feel good to vent some of that anger on the plastic knife to be, but it is not necessary. Use the bandsaw instead, cut away the basic shape and then diresta the edge of the blade. Basic sanding equipment like a random orbital sander or a belt sander should be able to do the rest.

Make sure to get the edge to a nice point, but do not expect it to cut anything. This kind of knife is there for cake and similar stuff, and it will work well for that. Like I said, for anything that needs to cut you really should either take a knifemaking class, get into it on YouTube, or just get yourself some cutting edge cutting edge.

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