Playbutton made from Petrified Wood – Wards off Thumbs down!

I have been meaning to make a play button akin to those that YouTube is sending out to those really successful according to the numbers. And after I got my hands on a piece of petrified wood I realized that with its “cultural heritage” this jet is the best material for this project. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Jet black petrified wood

This material is remarkable not only in the fact that it is pretty hard and not a fun thing to work with, but also because it produces the nastiest dust I have ever experienced. Not primarily where health is concerned – although I would not breathe it in if I could avoid it, either. It covers everything and sticks, and neither dust collection nor an air gun will make short work of it. The inside of my dust collection hose was coated with the stuff for weeks afterward…

Still, this material is worth checking out, if only because of the emotional baggage that it carries with it. It is old – possibly older than anything in your shop if you go by the current state things are in. Imagine the jet telling everything else in the shop that “it has been dead wood long before anything else in the shop has even put down roots”. And it has been credited with magical properties, which you probably know is something I fancy (even though I do not actually believe in it. Sadly, I am still getting thumbs down).

Back in the day of superstition, people believed that bad luck was the result of curses, and one such curse was the evil eye. I am not sure whether that required more than a person feeling that you looked at them the wrong way, and it probably was not a good thing to be involved in on either end. But they believed that jet had the property to ward a house against this curse’s effect. And pragmatic as superstitious people tend to be, they combined the jet with other symbols. For example, they would hang carved crosses on their doors to safeguard the house.

If you are interested in jet, I got mine from the German site They also have a good selection of turning wood and leather, plus a lot of interesting stuff for the roleplayer in you. But apparently, for now, they are all out of petrified wood.


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