Pen Holder – Easy, Elegant & Adaptable

Make your own pen holder to display pens (or wands) either for sale or as decoration pieces. Use different kinds of material (as long as it can be heat formed), and modify the geometry to your needs with ease. Best of all, the mold can be reused indefinitely and all you need it a little scrap wood.

One thing I want to recommend if you are looking to make these is to get some plastic scraps. Plastic cutoffs are a good starting point for a number of small projects, including pen holders. If you have a workshop or a company near you that works with plastic, they may have a scrap bin they will let you scavange.

Another way to go – which is what I did – is order a box of scraps for cheap from the internet. You won’t know what you get till it arrives. But the number of different materials and thicknesses make it ideal for experimenting and small projects like this.

The fluorescent acrylic I used for the pen holder below came from a display case in a local pharmacy. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and in most cases, these will get thrown out after a while anyway.

The easy to make pen holder made from fluorescent acrylic.
I love using fluorescent acrylic, and it works so well for this pen holder.

If you enjoyed the pen holder or the way it came about, you might get lucky and enjoy one of my other projects. If not, have a go at the weird stuff, because what could possibly go wrong? I mean, seriously, I would like to find out.

Thanks for stopping by, and Be Inspired!

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