You probably know that I like working with OSB because it looks rather interesting and is not that bad to turn on the lathe either. So I felt inspired to create gas giants from it because as was pointed out to me, turned OSB painted the right way looks the part already. Perfect for an OSB Solar System.

To avoid confusion I will be upfront about something else. I made this as a commission piece for a cult who needed the planets to align. We will see whether that narrative works out in the long run.

This project actually came about based on viewer feedback. I posted a close-up of the OSB-Wand on Instagram and got a reply saying that it looks like Jupiter. That thought festered long enough for me to make this, and I am rather happy with the result.

Since I edited this a little different from what I did in the past – less talking, more showing – I released an OSB Solar System follow-up video with some of the things I learned while making this.

If you enjoyed this project, check out my other work. And if you liked the slightly weird bits, I have more of that, too.

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