Oracles, Predictions & A Fluted Fail (not forseen)

If you are having trouble seeing the future the Rauhnächte are the time for you to change that. There are too many oracles and divination methods to actually list, but I have the most important ones for you in this video. Yes, the accompanying project was a fail, but there was no way I could have seen that coming…

As you saw in the video, I did not manage to get the flute to produce a single clear note – or any other kind of noise short of drumming with it. I am not sure whether I will be able to, but I am sure that I will tackle this or a similar project at some point in the future!

Check out the rest of the Rauhnacht series here. If you are more interested in less odd projects, or those that actually work, check out those I have made so far. And if you are here for the oddly weird, check out the weird stuff! Subscribe to my newsletter if you like what you see so you never miss a new release!

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