Marble Dream Catcher – Repell Bad Vibes!

When you cannot get the beauty sleep you need in your workshop (or a bedroom for that matter), help is not far. Grab a bunch of marbles, a slice of wood and some hot glue, and make a Marble Dream Catcher! Check out the video and let me know what you think!

Remember that Cult that I made the Solar System from OSB for? They are back! Well, apparently they never left. The Marble Dream Catcher video is part of what I hope will be a growing narrative about my shenanigans with that Cult as well as my quest of forming my own.

This project had another side, one that did not make it into the final cut. A different version of dream catcher that may or may not have used marbles. Frankly, it did not. But I cover it in a follow-up video where I also get into what I learned on this project.

If you enjoyed this why not check out the other things I have made. And if you like my brand of weird, I have a lot of that in store for you as well.

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