Making an Effort – yet another Bad Pun Project

Some projects are meant to get things going, to break through blockages of any kind, and to make things happen, generally speaking. This is one of those projects. It helped me to get back in the shop. I got to use some techniques that I have not had a chance to use in quite a while. And, perhaps most importantly, it is based on a rather bad pun. But at least I made an effort.

If you are interested on the art and craft of dowel making and all the illustrous uses that round wood can be good for check out this post on the subject.

slightly teasing picture of the e-fort from the side, showing the pointed dowels and the E from the side. Really making an effort to look interesting.
Teasing the big reveal, just in case you did not watch the video yet.

If you want to know more about the tools I used make sure to check out the video’s description for a list of links to those. I am starting to use affiliate marketing, which means if you are looking for a tool you can support Be Inspired with Dominic at no extra cost to you if that is your thing.

an e-fort - a wooden letter E standing on a piece of wood with pointed dowel stock making a protective fort. And a bad pun.
A strong case of “Eh…”

And last but not least, if you are making an effort to be more inspired you can probably find something here. If the weirder is more your style I recommend you check out these.

Hope to inspire you again soon. Until then,

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