Making a Crysknife!

Have you evern been threatened via an empty piece of cloth inscribed with a weird sentence that is only threatening if you apply a very harsh case of misunderstood grammar, based on an odd narrative choice that is very transparent in terms of making the video happen? Well, I have, and decided to make a wooden Crysknife in response!

This particular version of the Crysknife is based on the David Lynch movie from 1984, not the current one. This is by no means a statement of preference – I enjoy the new one a lot, with better worldbuilding and pacing. It is also not because I grew up with the old movie – I did not even remember this particular design until I looked into it. The main reason why I chose this is simple – it is shorter than the one from the new movie, thus easier to ship.

Speaking of shipping, this Crysknife was my entry into the Fools with Tools Treasure Trade of 2021, which I managed to hand over to the Sendworm (I will never not like this pun) almost on time. I have yet to hear how or if my Fool (the person you get assigned to make a present for) liked this knife, but I will hope and update accordingly.

If you enjoyed this video there is a decent chance that you will find something enjoyable among my other projects, especially the ones inspired by this or that in pop culture. Most of them are somewhat weird, especially with the Cultists, but some are even more so, just in case. I also recommend subscribing to my newsletter so you never miss a new release!

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