Make AI Reality – Not as Bad as it Sounds

Hear me out. I know AI has a lot of issues, and I have consumed enough sci-fi to know that we would be doomed if it ever became real. Instead, I want to take “magic items” generated by an AI and think about how I would make them in real life – how I would make AI reality!

These images come from my other site Walking Papercut, where I use words from a random generator to feed into Midjourney and write a bit about it. You should check that out, too.

a set of four interpretations of a gamified workshop for woodworking
An image generated using the prompt for the WPC articles, using “wooden”, “power tool”, and “workshop” as the random words.

Anything goes

Over on Walking Papercut I laid out all the rules that go into making these images. There are really not that many, and I doubt they make much of a difference as far as the results are concerned. Over here, there is just one question to answer:

How could I make this?

And to answer that, anything goes. The idea is to come up with a way to replicate what the computer created using techniques and methods that can reasonably be used by a hobbyist – which, these days, includes most of the things, from 3d printing to plasma cutting. The idea is not to create a step-by-step manual on how to make something, but to get a good idea how you could approximate what you are seeing.

Make AI Reality discussions

Feel like discussing the subject, giving feedback, or adding a technique that I missed? Join my Discord server to do that! And if you feel like being inspired, check out my projects here.

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