The Inspired Fix


What is #InspiredFix?

Tools don’t make you a good maker – experience does. After years and years of making stuff and collecting knowledge and weird ideas in equal measure, I want to share my experience and, by extension, that of everyone in my community, to help you solve your problems.

Fair warning, though, I cannot do anything about lack of time. Believe me, I would if I could.

How does #InspiredFix work?

Post your problem or roadblock on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #InspiredFix. That’s it. It may not respond imediately (setting expectations is important) since I’m only human (for now). But I will get back to you with the best solutions I can think of.

And the best thing? Others can chime in as well and add their experience and knowledge to the pool!

And then?

I will keep an eye on the #InspiredFix hashtag and try my best to provide you with answers. They might not work for you, they might not even be good answers, but they will be answers. That is something, right?

Seriously, though, I am confident that together, we can find a way to make your projects work. What do you have to love?

Is this a Scam?

Would I tell you if it was?


I mean no, it is not a scam. There is no money involved, just the sharing and distribution of knowledge. It’s free, and will be free.

(Future) Fixes go here!

Since this is a new thing, there is nothing here to share yet. But there will be! You can help me out by posting your problems and roadblocks with #InspiredFix!