Hanging Shelf with 3D printed Parts

In this video I make a rather minimalistic shelf to hang from the ceiling. Using a 3d printed part that I designed myself (for better of worse), this hanging shelf can be easily adjusted and adapted to your needs. Up to and including the addition of new shelves if need be.

This project was a spur-of-the-moment thing that I decided to record. I hope you will find it interesting and someqhat entertaining. The mistakes along the way are hopefully more helpful for you than they were for me.

hanging shelf with a number of 3d printed items on it

Want to make your own hanging shelf using this basic design? You can download the little brackets I used on Thingiverse. I made them with 3mm paracord (affiliate link) in mind, but they can easily be scaled up for larger threads.

3d printed part friction-locked on a piece of paracord

The models I showed off are mostly from one user on Cults3D, Alsamen. They have a wide range of characters designed in a reliable no-supports-needed fashion. Thus, they are easy to print (in my experience) and a lot of fun to paint (according to my kids). The two owls I printed with supports, and they can be found on Thingiverse.

If you enjoyed this project I recommend that you check out the other ones on here. I am sure you can find some inspiration for yourself. And if you want something weirder, here is more where that came from.

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