Make your own Googly Eyes!

Googly eyes are a great way to make things fun, cute or at least whimsical. There are several ways to make your own, and in this video, I show you how to do just that. There is something for every size and shape, so go right ahead and make your own and send me pictures of how cute your tools can look!

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Customize your Googly Eyes

If you need another reason to make your own Googly Eyes – and who would after seeing that adorable belt sander – it would be that you can make any kind of eye you can imagine. Starting with different colors for pupils and backers, you can go all out with rainbows and stars as well as the oddest of shapes. Really, the sky is the limit here.

One artistic variation, and one only suitable for sufficiently large eyes, would be to paint the pupils with any kind of iris. I would recommend adding thin red lines to the border of the backer to improvise blood vessels if you are going for a realistic look – as realistic as a googly eye can get.

To go a little further, there are other kinds of irises out there. Take a look at the eyes of sheep or cats for some examples. They would be fun to make googly, but there is one problem – direction. With a round pupil, it does not matter which way it turns. With an odd-shaped one, it does. If you really wanted something like that, I imagine that there is a way to do it.

Take a circle in the same color as the background. For my eyes, that would be white. Then cut the pupil you want from black material and glue it onto the white circle. The tricky thing now is to add some weight to the bottom of the white circle to keep the alignment somewhat steady. I would recommend using thin metal weighs glued to the pupil, at best combined with drilling away some material at the top. Full disclosure, I have not tried this yet, so I would appreciate your feedback!

The technique used to make the Minion eyes is also very versatile when it comes to different and more complex shapes. Imagine squares as eyes, triangles, or hearts. If you start cutting out the backer piece first, you can use that as a template for the other pieces. Just keep in mind that depending on the size of your pupil, it might not be able to move into all corners of your shape.

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