Garden Snakes – Segmented Garden Decoration

I started this project years ago and finally got around to finishing it. These garden snakes can be made from scraps or cheap slats, and designed in a number of ways to fit whatever you want to see worm its way through your garden or porch. Check them out and let me know what you think!

This is one of the projects where I am not sure I managed to show all those different ways to make these – spikes, grooves, different moldings along the edges. I did a few of them in the video, but there is still lots more to discover.

Also keep in mind that I started this three years ago, when I had a different set of tools in my shop. What I am getting at is that you do not need fancy tools to make these – far from it. The important part are the mitered angles, and you can get those with most saws, even a jigsaw.

So if you have ideas for some unique garden snakes, go for it and share what beast comes into your garden that way. I would love to see it and share it so others can benefit from your snake ideas as well.

If you liked the garden snake projects I recommend that you check out all the other ones I have made over the years. And if you like your making with a side of weird, I got you covered as well.

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