I have wanted to get my hands on a drum set for ages. But they cost money and take up space, so the obvious choice was to make one myself. And to pour all my non-existent experience with drum sets into this build.

Also, who am I kidding, this is probably not something you would want to build, but I am sure that there are techniques and ideas in there that you can use for your own projects. And maybe there are a couple of entertaining minutes in there as well.

If you are curious, though, you can easily approximate how it would be to use such a finely crafted drum set yourself, by placing a number of pillows on a flat surface. Chopsticks make for good improvised drum sticks. Not only will this give you a good workout if you play the right music, it will also give you a good feel of whether you want to make one of your own.

If you enjoyed this drum set, why not check out the other projects on this site. If you found it rather weird, I have more of that avaliable, too! And if you feel the need to share what I do I am sure I will appreciate that as well!

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