It all started with the idea of making a chess board, followed by the idea to make it usable for other games as well. From there, it was just a short leap to making sets of fantasy-race inspired meeples. And since I did not get the project as far as I would have hoped, I decided to take an artistic approach to this video. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Who is who in the Fantasy Game Box?

Just in case it is not obvious from the video, here is a rundown for all the “races” that I made:

Angels – the light blue ones with the gentle curve. I think my lack of time actually shows best – or worst – in their faces. I initially wanted to turn them without the little knob on top, but I wanted to play it safe and not have them explode on me on the lathe.

Barrels – Have you ever seena  proper Drawf without a barrel of mead? Well, that and they were simple enough to make.

Demons – the blocky red ones, bringing some evil into the game.

Dwarves – prone to armor and working with stone, these dwarves are actually of the same size as most other pieces. Apparently, size does not matter after all.

Elves – round and with some ornamental details, not to mention strange eyes. I am not too happy with how they turned out, but they did get little ears.

Grinding Stones – mainly meant to fill up the ranks to make for eight different pieces in order to make chess a possibility, they might also come in handy for a game of merels

Humans – every fantasy setting needs humans. That does not mean that they actually carry any weight in it. Although, delf-centered as we are, they usually do.

Orks – It just is not Fantasy without this green epitome of blunt force. Trauma included.


It is my passion and mission to inspire you, no matter what you do - woodworking and making, cooking, or roleplaying and paper crafting. Be inspired!


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