Eyestalk Trophy – A roleplaying Prop from Felt

This eyestalk trophy is a great conversation starter. Furthermore, it is a badge of honor for intrepid adventurers everywhere. It is also the first proper sewing project for me, and also the first proper roleplaying inspired project. Check out the video below and let me know what you think. If you want to know more, read the companion piece on Walking Papercut. I will go deeper into how you can use this over there. And somewhat related, there is also a post on Jabbado’s Kitchen regarding how one would go about preparing eyestalk if one felt so inclined. And if you want even more information on how to make this, there is an Instructable for your perusal.

If you enjoyed the eyestalk trophy project I would recommend that you check out either those inspired by pop culture or those that I myself would deem a little weird. I have not done many props and other roleplaying related work yet – documented, that is – but there will be in the future. If you are into roleplaying, check out WalkingPapercut.com, and for some of your weirder cooking needs, I will recommend JabbadosKitchen.com.

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