Easy Birdmouth Joint on the Table Saw

Seeing David Picciuto talking about the Birdmouth Joint I remembered seeing one in an image on Pinterest a while back, and I thought while it might be a good idea to get a dedicated router bit if you plan on making many of them, the table saw should work just as well. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Other tools for the job

Of course there are other tools that can be used to make this joint. I already mentioned the router table, and I think you could get away with using a fairly standard 90° v-groove bit as long as you find a way to align and hold the workpiece in place. Once again, 45° should be easiest to do.

You can also make a bordsmouth joint on the bandsaw for smaller pieces, as long as they fit the throat of your saw. A compound mitre saw should also be able to do the trick, or rather the cut, if set up properly. This is trickier than on the table saw, though. Apart from what, a depth stop if required to regulate the depth of cut.

Other angles

To facilitate other joints, you may need additional tools like a belt sander, since most table saws can only tilt up to 45°. The reason for that is that you need a 90° angle for the other board to rest in, and if you do the first cut at, say, 60°, then you would need to do the other one at 30°, and that is impossible on the table saw unless you are using a jig to hold the piece upright.


I hope this is helpful, and thanks for reading and watching. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

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