Chaos Vase inspired by Kyle

If you have not seen the Chaos Vase that Kyle Toth made (as his 98th vase, no less), you should probably wait with it until after you watched my video making very roughly the same thing. Just with less awesome to it. My wife subtly expressed her liking for this piece, so it was more than obvious what I had to make for her. But apart from the whole “happy wife, happy life” thing, I learned a lot making this – and I hope you can, too!

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Order for the Chaos Vase

Apart from the things I learned from hands-on experience in this video, there is one thing that I completely and utterly forgot in my rendition. And that is gluing the rings up on the lathe. This is the way Kyle did his version, and it has the added advantage that you only need to plane one side of your rings.

If you are a reckless son of a birch like he is (and I want to reiterate that this is high praise), you can also use this to add skew to the layers by chucking it up at an angle. This way, his chaos case has a whole lot more chaos going on than mine, despite the fact that I might have tried to use the belt sander to imitate the effect. I checked – you cannot tell I did.

One thing that turned out strange for me – and I do not have enough experience with segmented turnings to know whether it is normal – is that the glue lines appeared to be slightly proud of the surface a few days after I sanded it smooth and finished it. It might be me, and upon close inspection, I did not really see any imperfections on the surface. But it sure felt like it. If you have had similar experiences, I would love to hear about it.

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