Challenge Tree 2016 – The Announcement!

After last year’s success, here comes the second, the Challenge Tree 2016, the Contest for your challenging and woodworking pleasure! In this post you will find the rules as well as the full (or at least current) list of prizes that you can win! Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

The Rules of the Contest

The main idea of this event is to get inspired and have fun! Still, there are a few rules to make sure that it will be inspirational and fun for all the participants.

  • Make something from a piece of tree – branch, trunk or root. This is the basic idea of this contest. You can mill boards from your piece, but at the beginning, it should be close to how it has grown, with a live edge visible, the more the better.
  • You should be able to lift the piece you use by yourself. In effect, that means that Matt Cremona’s Secretary would not be eligible. Seriously, this is meant to be a vague size restriction to keep things civil.
  • The wood should be “self-harvested”. What that means is that I encourage you to use a piece that you cut down yourself. I am aware that this might not always be possible, and even if you can cut something down for the contest it will probably not be dry in time. If you cannot get anything fitting from friends or neighbors, you can search the local forest for one, or, in dire cases, even buy something (hint, firewood).
  • Your entry must be on YouTube, and you must send me the link via email This contest is being run on YouTube, so I think it is fitting to have all the entries on there as well. As for the email, it has been tricky for me last year to keep track of all the different entries that I got via the different social media accounts, so I hope doing it via email will make that part easier – and keep me from forgetting to add your entry!
  • Prizes will be awarded based on a random drawing. That means a bigger, badder shop will not necessarily translate into better chances. On the same token, you can win as easily if your “workshop” is a hand drill on the kitchen table. Apart from granting everyone equal chances, this also means I do not have to do any judging, which would be too tall an order seeing how many great and inspiring entries there was last year.


The Prizes, donated by the Sponsors!

This list shows you all the prizes that corporate sponsors have decided to donate to the winners of the contest. This list is, as the time of writing of this post, not final. There are bound to be some changes, clarifications and, hopefully, additions until the contest is through.

Once again, a big thanks to all the sponsors, without them this would not be possible. So remember to thank them in your entries if you feel so inclined, and at least check out their pages to see what they have to offer.

Inventables – 50$ Gift Certificate

Microjig – one Grr-Ripper Push Block

Piher Clamps – a yet to be determined set of clamps

Skil Power Tools – a Combisaw 4600AD (Europe only)

General Finishes – 4 quarts from their product lines (USA only)

Easy Wood Tools – Easy Start Finisher carbide turning tool

Spax – a sample box of screws

Centipede Tools – one Centipede Sawhorse (continental US only)

Oneida Air Systems – details yet to be determined


The Prizes donated by fellow Woodworkers!

A number of fellow content creators have chosen to pitch in and donate prizes that will be awarded just like the corporate ones. Check out their channels and share the love by subscribing to them!

Manhattan Wood Project – cap and cup!

NV Woodwerks . 50$ Gift Certificate for Zac’s shop!

Adventures in DIY – 25$ Gift Certificate for Home Depot (US only)!

Miter Mike’s Woodshop – An original Miter Mike’s Woodshop t-shirt!

WOmadeOD (Made in Wood) – A dovetail marking gauge!


If you want to donate something yourself feel free to contact me at!


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