Category: Weird Stuff

You know I want to inspire you, but entertaining you is a close second on my list. And sometimes, an idea turns into something less like a project and more like something… else. Weird stuff in the best possible sense, of course.

Some of these videos started as projects that took a twist for the worse, while others were hatches as an entertaining piece without any project attached to it from the start.

Check them out and let me know what you think about the weird stuff!

Quick & Dirty – Zombie Defense

This is kind of a follow-up for the Anti-Zombie-Crossbow from last week, and while it is even less woodworking, it is much more effective at keeping the undead out of your shop. No guarantees, though. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!  

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Royal Decree, background for the Root Beast

A Royal Decree? Yes. No explanation necessary, because that would be beyond the scope of the usual blog post. Also, let’s see who can spot the most woodworking references before checking out the commented transcript further down! Enjoy, and remember to Be Inspired!

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