Kids’ Shop – Make a corn cob

If your kids have a toy shop, here is how you can make them a cool looking (and wooden) corn cob to sell to their customers. All you need it a piece of dowel, some string and wooden pearls.

On a side note, I have not been uploading in a while since I have been working on several things at once (one of them being my Patreon campaign). I hope to get at least some of them finished soon.

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How to build a Young Woodworker’s Toolchest

I recently submitted my entry to Summer’s Woodworking‘s 2014 2×4 competition, and I have been asked to put together plans for the toolchest. At first I thought that it would be tough since I improvised my way through this project, but as I thought about how I could do it anyway I realized that I could at least share with you how I went about buiding the chest.

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Quick & Dirty Center Finder for the drill press

Repurpose the paper tray of an old printer to make a cheap center finder for your drill press. It does not take much – apart from the paper tray, of course – to turn this into a simple center finding jig for your drill press. Combined with a piece of scrap wood or a sufficiently large drill press table, this center finder works a treat.

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2×4 competition entry – Young Woodworker’s Toolchest

Introducing the Young Woodworker’s Toolchest. So It finally has arrived – my entry to Summer’s Woodworking’s 2×4 competition, after hours and hours of trash talking (and procrastinating). It is meant as a toy (for children, not the kind that comes with a plug and push sticks) and contains a collection of basic woodworking tools. I made a mallet, two chisels, an angle gauge, a measuring stick, a square, a handsaw and a plane.

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Rotating Tool Stand

Build a stand for rarely used tools, saving space while keeping them in the shop. This project was inspired by Jack Houweling’s design (as far as I know there are no plans for it as of now), but it turned out much less sophisticated (and not knowing the mechanism he used, I venture to say that it was also much less complicated to build). Check out the video and if you are interrested, there are some thoughts and ideas I had during the build that did not make it into the final cut, as well as some thoughts on further improving the design.

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