Bike Wall Holder – string-operated for ease of use!

Save valuable floor space in your garage or shed by using a bike wall holder. Not only do they allow you to keep your bikes in a stand-up position, but they also offer easy one-hand operation using an easy-to-use mechanism that does have strings attached to it!

Like I said in the video, there is an Instructable for this project that might answer questions that the video did not, or offer a different perspective to solve problems with this you did not even know you had. If you make a bike wall holder I would love to see that, so why not use the “I made it” feature over on Instructables to let me know?

If you enjoyed this project, I have some similar ones that fall under the workshop category. You can also check out my more general (and slightly less normal) projects here. And if you want to go all out, I do have weird for you, too!

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