Bee Clock for the Bee House

If you follow me for a bit you probably know that I keep bees. If not, check out this series of articles so you can claim you knew all along. Either way, I wanted a bee clock in the bee house to keep better time while caring for the countless little critters. And since I did not have one that fit into the scenery, I decided to make my own.

Those bee clock wings, though.

Like I said in the video, I am not yet sure that these wings/hands will work as intended. They are a bit on the heavy side for a mechanism meant to only turn flimsy bits of metal. But we will see how that works out, and I already have two ideas to lessen the load if necessary.

If you enjoyed the bee clock – or the Cultists commenting on it – you should have a look at my other projects. If you find something you like I’d appreciate if you shared it around!

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