About me – Who am I?

The basics about me first – my name is Dominic, but I sincerely hope you already guessed that. I live in Germany as a husband and father. I am over 30 years old, which is my way to save myself from setting an alarm to update this page every year for the accurate number.
And because I do not like writing basically an essay about my life, let me instead give you a collection of random facts about me:

  • I enjoy fantasy roleplaying (mainly D&D), and epic storytelling in general. I am the Dungeon (or Game) Master of a group that consists of my wife, my brother-in-law and a few friends. True to cosmic laws, we get to play far less than we would like.
  • I am a beekeeper. I learned all I know from a local man who did it for over 50 years and was one of the kindest, best people I have ever known. Sadly, he passed away a couple of years ago, but I consider what I do to be part of his legacy.
  • I have been making things in one way or another for over two decades now. From drawing over knitting to woodworking, I have dabbled in many things. I generally like to tackle projects that take me just a bit further into unknown territory, be it with new skills or going deeper on known ones. I do not consider myself a master in any of them, mainly because that would be boring.
  • I wanted to be a physicist after I finished school. I took four semesters of physics before the required math courses broke my proverbial neck. I then “realigned myself” and studied engineering, which turned out to be much closer to what I had hoped physics to be. I still have a deeply rooted respect for mathematicians and what I hope to be a basic understanding of their inside jokes.
  • While I do not take as much time to do so as I should, I love reading books. Some of those that I would recommend to you on the spot are the Wheel of Time series, Mistborn, Lord of the Rings, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the Discworld novels. You might be able to deduce that I like my books well written, witty, or both.


More about me

If your curiosity is not satisfied by now, you can get to know me better by following me on social media (you can find the links to those I use most frequently on the top of this site) or by checking out my second YouTube channel “In the Spire” where I do regular live streams.

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Thanks for taking an interest, and remember to Be Inspired!


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